In all Introduction to General Psychology (PSYC 1101) courses taught at CCGA, we use an OpenStax College free-to-use textbook. What follows are links to video and audio lectures for various concepts in PSYC 1101. The video and audio lectures were developed as part of the Affordable Learning Georgia OpenStax Transformation Grant awarded to Dr. Brian Pope and Dr. Lisa McNeal in Fall 2016. Video and audio resources were developed in 2017.

This page will be occasionally be updated with new links. If you find any links that should be updated, please contact Dr. Lisa McNeal.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Psychology

Chapter 2: Psychological Research

Chapter 3: Biopsychology

Chapter 4: States of Consciousness

Chapter 5: Sensation and Perception

Chapter 6: Learning

Chapter 7: Thinking and Intelligence

Chapter 8: Memory

Chapter 9: Lifespan Development

Chapter 10: Emotion and Motivation

Chapter 11: Personality

Chapter 12: Social Psychology

Chapter 14: Description

Chapter 15: Psychological Disorders

Chapter 16: Therapy and Treatment

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