Results & Testimonies

The project implementation plan was created to maximize impact and sustainability, the recruitment of high-quality teacher-leaders and CCGA faculty, and the development of the productive working relationships between the CCGA faculty and lead teachers.

Pairing faculty with teacher leaders that have recognized expertise in middle grades STEM pedagogy has allowed for the development of truly novel STEM lessons that capitalize on the strengths of both the CCGA faculty and the lead teachers. Moreover, allowing a select group of faculty to work at great depth with the teachers and the schools provides faculty, teachers and students with a richer experience and deepens the connections between the two communities.

This project is attempting to account for one of many factors that contribute to the improvement or decline of yearly text scores. While the grant will continue to focus on areas of improvement as indicated by performance on state exams, this project also seeks to encourage students’interest and participation in STEM.

This shift in focus from achievement toward the identification of best practices that draw on the expertise of lead teachers and college faculty promote an increase in student participation in STEM activities is a tangible middle-term goal that is easily tracked and clearly tied to grant activities. These objectives are evaluated yearly by the Project Director through detailed interviews and review of team reports.

Feedback from the participants indicates the project has surpassed our expectations in this regard. All three of this year's teams have indicated a strong desire to continue their work on this initiative next year and the intention to continue their partnerships over the long term. We invite you to view some of the feedback to the right received from teachers and professors.

Ruderfer brought in not only exceptional enthusiasm for the project, but special understanding of the common misconceptions that students have as they enter the college environment and how they can be dispelled. [I came away with a] new outlook, innovative ideas, and a flexibility of thinking when looking at commonly accepted science practices.
-Kim Sapp, 8th Grade Science Teacher, Needwood MS
Dr. Nance is awesome and I have loved working with her...Dr. Nance’s strengths were her strong content knowledge and approachability...I enjoyed our planning times together and feel that the college has been opened up to me as a resource to support what I want to do in class. -Jen
Our ocean acidification lesson went well today at Risley MS! It was actually a lot of fun, and I think the kids learned something. Jenn and I were a good team!
-Dr. Holly Nance, Assistant Profesor of Biology, CCGA
[Carol Dennis] gave me great ideas for teaching our learning support students. I liked seeing the way concepts are taught and ordered in K-12. You really have to be a much better educator to be a K-12 teacher!
-Thomas Hippchen, Lecturer of Mathematics, CCGA
Kim is very insightful. We have a lot of fun experimenting with ideas and she has become a real colleague. She helps me see how the science can really work in the classroom.
-Isidor Ruderfer, Lecturer of Biology, CCGA
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