Activities & Teams

We paired college faculty with experienced lead teachers in the Glynn County middle schools, bringing together expertise in middle grades curricula, pedagogy, and content expertise. Together they have created unique lessons for middle grades students aimed at increasing their interest and participation in STEM as well as providing and fostering the development of “science capital" or science-related aspirations, experiences, sense of the utility, and self-efficacy.

Kim and Isador having fun on the job

Isidor Ruderfer, CCGA & Kimberly Sapp, Needwood Middle School

“Mythbusting Combustion Concepts”
Co-developed and taught lessons that let students make conjectures about and test what happens when a lit candle in a bowl of water is covered with a glass jar.

Two students from Dr. Nance's class

Holly Nance, CCGA & Jennifer Brashear, Risley Middle School

"Ocean Acidification and STEM Day"
Co-developed and taught lessons that tied into an existing unit on global warming.

Ocean Acidification day

Thomas Hippchen, CCGA & Carol Denis, Jane Macon Middle School

“Fun Math Fridays”;
Co-taught a series of innovative, discovery learning activities on rates of change and slope concepts as well as the Pythagorean Theorem using online educational games and technology such as Desmos.

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