First-Year Learning Communities

Know your classmates on day 1.

Freshman Learning CommunitiesAs you embark on this new journey and prepare to sail to new horizons, you will encounter new waters that will pose new challenges. But do not worry, you will not be navigating alone! Beyond the many institutional support structures that are available to you, the College has also created First-Year Learning Communities. If you are part of one of these communities during your first semester, then you will be joined by a crew of 20+ Mariners with the same class schedule who share your academic interests.

Why should I participate in a FLC?

Research shows that students participating in First-Year Learning Communities are more engaged with the institution, develop lasting friendships, and are more likely to perform well academically and earn better grades.

What majors are associated with the FLCs?

First-Year Learning communities are built around the following common fields:

  • Business, including BBA, Health Informatics, and Public Management
  • Liberal Arts, including American Studies, Criminal Justice, Education, Interdisciplinary Studies, Psychology, and the Associate of Arts for transfer degree
  • Health Science, including the BSN, ASN, and Radiologic Science
  • Biology, including the BS in Biology and various biology-related associate degree programs
  • STEM, including math, pre-engineering, and computer science

Which FLCs are available, and how can I participate?

Starting on fall 2017, eight different First-Year Learning Communities will be created, serving close to 200 students. Full-time freshmen with no previous college credit will be placed into learning communities until seats are filled.

Courses included in the specific fall 2017 FLCS are listed below.

  • Business: BUSA 1105, ENGL 1101, POLS 1101, PSYC 1101, THEA 1100
  • Liberal Arts (Morning option): ENGL 1101, MATH 1001, MATH 997, GEOG 1101, HIST 2111, SOCI 1101
  • Liberal Arts (Afternoon option): ENGL 1101, MATH 1111, MATH 999, ARTS 1100, PSYC 1101, SOCI 1101
  • Health Science: ENGL 1101, ENGL 999, MATH 1001, CHEM 1151/CHEM 1151L, HIST 2111, SOCI 1101
  • Biology: ENGL 1101, (MATH 1111 or MATH 1113), CHEM 1211/CHEM 1211L, BIOL 1107/BIOL 1107L, POLS 1101
  • STEM: ENGL 1101, (MATH 1111 or MATH 1113), CHEM 1211/CHEM 1211L, ARTS 1100, POLS 1101

Students wanting more specific details on days/times should speak with an advisor or check out the Course Schedule, making special note of the “Learning Community Class” tag on individual courses.

How do I know if I am part of a FLC?

All freshmen schedules are created by the Center for Academic Advising. If you are selected for a First-Year Learning Community, you will receive additional information regarding the FLC when you receive your course schedule. Advisors will be on hand to answer any questions you may have at that time.

Can I change my schedule?

Because we want every student in the FLC to take full advantage of the opportunities that the community can provide, it is important that you participate in all the courses. If the scheduled courses do not work for you, or if you simply do not want to participate in the FLC, you can visit an academic advisor to switch your entire course schedule to classes that are not part of a FLC.

For more information regarding advising please visit

What else can a FLC offer?

First-Year Learning Communities offer many other opportunities for engagement beyond taking the same classes with your crew. Some of these opportunities include:
  • Working with a Supplemental Instructor
  • Having an instant study group and support system
  • Social activities for the FLC

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