Student Employment Pre-Certification

Current CCGA students interested in on-campus employment are encouraged to participate to Career Services' Pre-Certification Program. Pre-certification has five components:

  • An approved résumé and cover letter by Career Services
  • Completion of a mock interview (book an in-person interview or an online one via Coastal CareerLink)
  • An approved Student Employment packet from Career Services (leave dates/signatures off)
  • Participation in Student Employment Onboarding
  • Completion of Right-to-Know training (please print once completed)

Once a prospective student employee has completed these five components, he/she may request - in advance - a certificate from Career Services as proof of completion to provide an on-campus employer during an interview. Prospective student employees are encouraged to include this information in their cover letter, and admission of their pre-certification process should inform the prospective supervisor that if hired, the student has already completed multiple steps in the student employment process, is actively interested in working at CCGA and represents a time-saver for the hiring manager.

Click here to see a one-page handout on pre-certification.

Finding and applying for employment at CCGA

On-campus jobs (student assistant as well as work-study opportunities) are advertised through the Office of Career Development on Coastal CareerLink.

1) Once you've logged in, click on Jobs in the left-hand navigation and then select On and Off-campus Employment. Use the keyword search bar and type in Student Employment.

2) The number of jobs available varies, depending on the time of the year. Make note of which departments are hiring as well as essential skills for each; you'll want to develop a custom cover letter and resume for each opportunity of interest, focusing on your relevant skill sets. Potential student employees are encouraged to get their resumes and cover letters approved within Coastal CareerLink.

To submit your resume and/or cover letter for review, log into Coastal CareerLink. Click on Documents in the left-hand navigation, click Pending, Add New and then the Submit button. A Career Services professional will review your document within 48 business hours. Please expect it may take several drafts prior to your documents being approved and factor that into the deadline for the job.

3) To formally apply for any student employment position, you must apply via PeopleAdmin. If you are within Coastal CareerLink looking at a specific job, simply click on the hyperlink to PeopleAdmin from the How to Apply section. PeopleAdmin is not affiliated with Career Services and is run by the Office of Human Resources. Create a profile within Vitae and apply directly.

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