Curriculum Proposal Process

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Step 1 - Initial Development

  • Faculty Member has idea for new/modified curriculum.
  • Idea is shared with relevant faculty, department chairs, and/or school deans.
  • If possible budgetary implications, idea is discussed with Office of Academic Affairs.
  • Further guidance may be provided by Office of Academic Affairs

Step 2 - Curriculum Proposal Created

  • Proposal should be shared with all impacted faculty for approval (e.g., at a department meeting).
  • If proposal modifies Area F, it must adhere to USG requirements. For modifications to Area A - E, please review Section 2.4 of the USG Academic Affairs Handbook.
    (For modifications of any general education course/area [Areas A – F], the USG also provides standard student learning outcomes)
  • Department Chairs and School Deans of all impacted departments/schools sign the proposal, designating their approval.

Step 3 - Proposal Submission

  • Proposal is submitted, in physical and electronic format, to the Office of Academic Affairs.
  • If the proposal is missing any required information (including master syllabi), it is returned for revision

Step 4 - CCGA Approval Process

  • Proposal is reviewed by Curriculum Committee, then Faculty Senate, and then the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • At each of these review stages, the proposal is either accepted, rejected, or returned for recommended revisions.

Step 5 - USG Approval Process

  • If the proposal includes changes to Area A - E (that are not common to other USG institutions), it will be sent to the relevant Academic Advisory Committee and then to the USG General Education Council for final approval.
  • If the proposal is for a new degree/certificate or substantive change to an existing degree, further paperwork will need to be developed and sent to the USG System Office. New degrees must be approved by the Board of Regents before inclusion in the CCGA catalog.
  • In all other cases, the proposal becomes official after VPAA approval in the previous stage.

Step 6 - Curriculum Established

  • After final approval, the proposed curriculum will be included in the next academic year's course catalog.
  • Except for unusual circumstances, curriculum should not be used until it has been codified in the course catalog (e.g., the next fall).

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