Student-Athlete Success Rates

Student Right-to-Know Act

The Student Right-to-Know Act requires institutions that receive Title IV HEA student financial aid to collect, report and/or disclose graduation rates for first-time, full-time degree-seeking undergraduates. Working with the College Registrar, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness prepares and reports on the graduation rates not only for all first-time, full-time undergraduates, but also student-athletes who receive athletically-related financial aid in a specific cohort. Athletically-related student aid includes any scholarship, grant, or other form of financial assistance, the terms of which require the recipient to participate in a program of intercollegiate athletics at an institution of higher education in order to be eligible to receive that assistance.

Student-Athletes (First-Time, Full-Time Freshmen)
  • One-Year Retention Rate[1] (Fall 2015 cohort) = 52.0%
  • Six-year graduation Rate [2] (Fall 2010 cohort) = 100.0%

While reviewing this information please note:

  • This report includes first-time, full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate students as measured during the normal fall data census.
  • The graduation/completion rate is based on three years of attendance that equates to 150% of the length of our standard associates degree programs.
  • The graduation/completion rate does not include students who left the school to serve in the armed forces, or official church missions, or in the foreign service of the federal government.
  • Students who died or were totally and permanently disabled are also excluded.

Questions related to this information should be directed to: Office of Institutional Effectiveness / 912-279-5774 /

[1] Associate, Career Associate and Baccalaureate students
[2] Baccalaureate students

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