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According to guidance provided by the University System of Georgia (USG) with respect to refunding of housing, dining, and other fees for Spring 2020, we are implementing the following plan for students who have paid or been assessed these fees for the Spring 2020 semester.


Since the Spring 2020 semester was approximately halfway through as of March 16th (48% to be exact), 52% of the Recreational Fee, many Elective Course Fees, and Parking Permits will be refunded. There will also be a refund of 35% of the Activity Fee. The portion not refunded will be used to support online programming for the remainder of the spring semester.

Below shows what can be expected for each of the fees being refunded for full session courses in Spring 2020:

Mandatory Fees Original Amount Refunded Amount
Recreational Fee$25 $13
Student Activity Fee $60$21
Elective Course Fees
Culinary Lab Fee$100 $52
Health Science Lab Fee $25 $13
Science Lab Fee$35$18.20

Teach Ed Internship$250$130
Teacher Ed Practicum$30$15.60
Parking Permit$30$15.60

Housing Fees

For housing residents who have vacated the residence halls (or will be doing so this week), we will refund the respective spring semester rate per individual resident based on their number of unutilized bed nights and the specific rate for the residence hall and room type in which they lived. Please note that this means your housing refund will be directly related to the rate for your particular room. Any costs associated with damages to your room will be deducted prior to the refund.

Meal Plan Fees

For students on a meal plan, we will refund 51% of that plan. Commuter (Block) Plans will be refunded based on the unused balance of meals. Any remaining Dining Dollar balances for spring 2020 will also be refunded.


Based on USG guidance, Coastal Georgia will continue to fully utilize tuition, the Special Institutional Fee, and the Technology Fee to support continuity of instruction and associated support. Therefore, we will not issue refunds for those payments. The College will not provide refunds for the Access Card Fee, Athletic Fee or Campus Center Fee since these funds support continuity of campus operations, especially with regard to employee compensation and ongoing maintenance. Students who choose to withdraw entirely will be refunded in accordance with our normal refund policy.


We expect to begin issuing refunds automatically the week of April 1st and the process will most likely continue through April 10th. This rolling timeline will allow us to calculate refund amounts, ensure all refunds are compliant with financial aid rules based on Department of Education guidance, and give students time to verify their refund selection in COAST. The most efficient way to receive your refund is via direct deposit.

If you have not updated your COAST student account refund selection, please do so by March 30, 2020.

If your refund profile is not established, the University will mail your refund to you. Please ensure this mailing address in your COAST account is updated by March 30, 2020, if a mailed check is preferred.

We understand you may have questions about this process, and we invite you to submit those to bursarsoffice@ccga.edu and we will respond as swiftly as possible.Again, thank you for your patience as we work to provide care and attention to each individual, which necessarily takes some time.


Yes you may. See instructions below:

1. Log in to studentaid.gov using your FSA (Federal Student Aid) username and password

2. Click “Pay on Servicer Website”, where you will be directed to your servicer to either create an account or log in to your existing account

3. Click the page that leads you to “Make a Payment”

You can also find contact information for your loan servicer by navigating to the middle of your page on studentaid.gov, you can click “View loan servicer details.”

Office Information

Phone: 912.279.5746
Fax: 912.262.2389
Email: bursarsoffice@ccga.edu


Brunswick Campus
Currently Closed to On-Campus visitors due to COVID-19

Available by appointment through Bursarsoffice@ccga.edu

Camden Campus
Currently Closed to On-Campus visitors due to COVID-19

Closed Saturday, Sunday and University Holidays

The Bursar's office is located in the Andrews Building between Financial Aid and the Registrar's Office

See a campus map


College of Coastal Georgia
Bursar's Office
One College Drive
Brunswick, GA 31520

Phone: 912.279.5746
Fax: 912.262.2389
Email: bursarsoffice@ccga.edu


The Bursar's Office provides student account and billing information; receives payments for tuition, fees and miscellaneous campus charges; provides collection of delinquent accounts; delivers refunds and financial aid residuals after disbursement.

The Bursar’s Office is a unit of Business Affairs at The College of Coastal Georgia


FERPA is a federal law designed to protect the privacy of students once they enter college regardless of their age. The Bursar’s Office is not allowed to discuss information about the student’s account with anyone other than the student unless we have specific permission from the student.


Check Your Email!

Correspondence from the Bursar's Office will be sent to the student's official University id#@student.ccga.edu email account. Students are expected to check their email on a frequent and consistent basis in order to stay current with University-related communications. Each student receives instructions for accessing their account with their acceptance package.

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