Mariner Fest 2017

From fan-fic to head-to-head haiku, Seaswells at Mariner Fest 2017 was a blast! More info and pics coming soon!

Mariner Fest 2016

The Seaswells booth at Mariner Fest this year was full of excitement!

We started the day with a community-authored short story. Students had the opportunity to write a sentence or two on a white board and then the next student would add on. By the end we had an entire scary story that had a several bone chilling twists!

We then played a few rounds of head-to-head haiku! Two participants had two minutes to write a haiku (5/7/5 syllable count). The haiku had to fit within the challenge's theme. Our themes included Halloween, food, the beach and many more! Once the two minutes were up, the contestants had to preform their haiku for the three judges. The haiku was graded on content and performance. The winner was then challenged by the next participant. The last contestant without any challengers got to pick from our array of halloween themed prizes.

The last activity we did at Mariner Fest was a community authored spooky sonnet!

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