College of Coastal Georgia Testing Policies

The staff in the Testing Center proctors exams for admission, program admissions, and for institutions outside the college. Because the center administer a large volume of exams, it has to establish and observe strict guidelines. Although the Center is not nationally certified it uses the National College of Testing Association guidelines as a point of reference. These guidelines address items permitted in the Testing Center and the responsibilities of those who test there. No personal belongings may be taken into the Testing Center. All items are to be secured in lockers located in Room 211 at the point of check-in. To maintain and enhance the integrity of the center and those who test there, we do not permit any unapproved testing devices. This policy means that students may bring absolutely nothing with them into the testing room, except what the instructor specifically allows (students might be allowed to bring a dictionary, notes of a particular nature, formula sheet, or a calculator). While not entirely thorough, none of the following items may be brought into the center:

  • Purses
  • Cameras
  • Watches
  • Book bags
  • Sun glasses
  • Mechanical pencils
  • Cell phones
  • Hats
  • Books
  • Flash drives
  • Food or drink of any kind
  • Scratch paper
  • E-Readers
  • Tablets
  • Children

For the security of testing, students are not allowed to bring their own scratch paper. The Testing Center staff will provide scratch paper, pencils, and basic 4-function calculators when needed. The Center’s staff destroys all scratch paper at the end of each examination.

NOTE: Cell phones are not permitted into the examination room at ANY TIME. There are rare occasions such as documented requirements of a law enforcement officer or on-call health professional which may require such. Students who do not meet the cell phone exception are asked to turn their cell phones off and to secure it in the lockers which are provided (Room 211). This policy does not pertain to individuals requesting information or registering for tests/exams.

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