Mariner Access Card (MAC) FAQs

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions.

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Am I required to get a MAC card?

Yes! The MAC card is your ID card and key to the campus. Use it to access meal plans, check out books, make copies, make purchases in the Bookstore, dining facilities and vending machines and even do your laundry. The MAC card allows residential students access to their residence halls and is required for entry to certain areas in the Campus Center as well as various buildings on campus.

When can I get my MAC card?

You can get your MAC card anytime during the Card Office's normal business hours. Click here for more information regarding our location, office hours and upcoming events.

I am a Camden campus student. Will I have to drive to Brunswick to get my MAC card?

Although there are currently no plans to have a designated Card Office in Camden, we will both hold MAC card events in Camden at the beginning of every semester and have weekly office hours thereafter. Stay tuned to your College of Coastal Georgia email account for more information!

Do I still have to get a sticker on my MAC card every semester so I can check out library books?

No. The software we use in the Card Office notifies the library if you are enrolled each semester. If you are enrolled, your MAC card will allow access to needed services. If you are not enrolled, your MAC card will deny your transaction. No sticker necessary!

What’s this about financial aid on the MAC card?

If you select the MAC as your Disbursement Account, excess financial aid distributions are sent to the Discover Debit account on your Mariner Access Card. Once the funds post to the account, you can use them anywhere Discover is accepted, along with campus ATMs and other locations.


When will my financial aid get on the MAC card?

That depends on when you were approved for aid, and the speed of your paperwork. While we make sure the funds are distributed on time, Financial Aid staff can tell you when to expect your disbursement to the MAC account, and we will publish updates on the expected disbursement times. Check back to the Card Office site for details at the beginning of each semester!

Can I use the Discover debit account now?

Yes! Follow these easy steps!
  • 24 hours after receiving your MAC card, call 1.800.822.4283
  • Enter your 16-digit card number from the front of your MAC card (not your social security number)
  • Enter your birth date in the format of MMDDYYYY
  • Select and Confirm your 4-digit PIN
  • You will then be transferred to a Customer Service representative, who will ask if you’d like to upgrade your Discover debit account to a “reloadable” account, which will enable you or your parents to add funds onto that account anytime. The upgrade is free of charge – all you need to do is provide your social security number.

Who can I talk to about the upcoming meal plan requirement?

The Card Office is receiving a lot of questions about the meal plan requirements. While you will use your MAC card to access your meal plan at the Mariners Galley and Dockside Deli facilities, questions about the actual meal plans themselves can be best answered in two ways: The College of Coastal Georgia dining webpage answers a lot of questions. Want to connect with a real person? Phyllis Broadwell would be happy to answer any dining questions you may have. She can be reached via email at

My MAC card was lost or stolen. What do I do now?

Currently, there are two ways to freeze your MAC card.

Where can I use my Dining Dollars?

You can use your Dining Dollars at the Dockside Deli located on Brunswick and the Camden Center or the Café located in the Bookstore.
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