Funds on Your Mariner Access Card (MAC)

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Several funding accounts are linked to your Mariner Access Card (MAC). The MAC card enables you to easily use these funds. Below is a brief description of these funding accounts.

Coastal Cash

When you receive your MAC card, it will already have a Coastal Cash account linked to it. You can voluntarily deposit money into this account using cash or a debit/credit card, then use your MAC card to make on-campus purchases in the bookstore and at several vending and copy machines on both campuses. You will never have to carry cash on campus again! Once funds are deposited into your Coastal Cash account, they will never expire. Important note: You will not be allowed to withdraw the funds from this account via the on-campus ATM or otherwise. You may only request the withdrawal of the funds from your Coastal Cash account upon graduation or if you permanently leave the College.

Adding money to your Coastal Cash account is easy! Click here for more details.

Financial Aid and Refund Disbursements

The College of Coastal Georgia offers students the opportunity to select how refunds or distributions are received. These choices are traditional direct deposit to the banking institution of their choice or electronic disbursement to the student's Mariner Access Card (MAC).

Students must complete the online election process by logging into their MYCCGA account and clicking the YOUR MONEY YOUR CHOICE link (See Below). Students must provided the name of their financial institution, identify the type of account (checking or Savings), provide the account routing and account numbers in order to select direct deposit. This information is not required if the MAC is selected for disbursements/refunds.

Work-Study & Student Payroll

Now you can receive your work-study or student payroll directly on your campus card. Your Money Network® Enabled Campus Card gives you the purchasing power, functionality and security of a bank-issued prepaid card. Funds can be electronically delivered to your Money Network® Account in less time than waiting for a check or an ACH to clear in a traditional bank account. It's fast, safe and convenient!

Personal Funds

Your campus card has all the on-campus functionality you are used to plus the added convenience of having a powerful prepaid Account on the same card. You can access the Account with your card everywhere or Discover® is accepted, online, through the largest network of ATMs through the Allpoint® Network with over 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs, through Money Network® checks at over 6,700 locations, and through ACH transfers.

Keep in mind that this is NOT A CREDIT CARD. Your funds are FDIC insured. You can only spend funds that are available on your Money Network® Account. The good news is that you will never incur an overdraft fee.

For more information visit and click on the frequently asked questions tab

Cash Management BlackBoard Contract (pdf)
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