2017 Service-Learning Symposium

Poster Showcase

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Being DIFFERENT is Okay

Burial Based on Religions

Celebrating Oak Grove Cemetery

Cookies for Hope

Famine in America

Food for Thought: Utilizing Food and Education to Improve Lives and Create a Hunger-free Community

I Dare You to Move from Harm to Hope

Love, Not War

Oak Grove Cemetery Society

The Big Read: ENGLISH 1102 and Earthsea

The Truth about Domestic Violence

Visible and Invisible Disabilities

Writing for CCGA Disability Services

Teacher Education

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math)

Service-Learning and Teacher Education Projects:

Expression Through the Characteristics of Rain

Get Your Head in the Clouds

Good Vibrations

STEAM, the Product of Color and Ice

Natural Sciences

Chemistry with Kids:Students Become the Teachers

Monitoring laurel-wilt tolerant red bay at Cannon's Point Preserve

Monitoring the Living Shoreline at Cannon's Point Preserve

Opening a Long-Term Care Facility on St. Simons Island

Raising Public Understanding of Seafood Contamination Through Service-Learning

Research Internship at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Research Internship at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center (2)

Service-Learning Internship: Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge & Zoological Park

Service-Learning Internship: The Satilla Riverkeeper

Socio-Economic Decision-Making for Safer Food

The Importance of Outreach Science: Turning the Tide on Ocean Conservation

Wildlife Conservation Internship - White Oak Conservation

Global Issues

HIV/AIDS:Educating Our Community

How HIV is Transmitted

What is HIV? What is AIDS?

Nursing – ASN

Fire/Road Safety for Pre-K Students

Hearts and Minds Under Pressure: Hypertension, Heart Attack, and Stroke

Nutrition and Exercise

Sleep More and Stress Less

Associate of Science in Nursing Teaching Children in the Local Community

When the Odds Are Not in Your Favor: Challenges of a Service-Learning Course

Nursing – BSN

Because Every Girl Deserves to Go to Prom

Be Active and Play 60 Minutes Every Day

BULLYING: Empowering Our Youth to Put a Stop to It

Dental Care and Health Promotion in the Pediatric Client

Fire Safety and Burn Prevention: Service-Learning

Helmet Safety: A Visual Comparison of Potential Brain Injuries

Holistic Approach to Improve Self-Care Among Individuals with Mental Illness

Obesity, Nutrition, & Exercise for School-Aged Children

Promoting Healthy Eating & Exercise in School Aged Children

Promotion of Hygiene Behaviors in a Local Elementary School to Prevent the Spread of Common Communicable Illnesses

Turkey Trot & Blood Pressure Screening Spot

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