Non-Degree Seeking Student

Course List

If you just want to take one or two undergraduate courses of interest, you may want to apply as a Non-Degree seeking student. The credits you earn can be applied towards a degree after changing your status to degree-seeking. The following courses are available to non-degree seeking students.

COMM 1101: Fundamentals of Human Communications
GLOB 1100: Global Issues
MUS 1100: Music Appreciation
ART 1100: Art Appreciation
THEA 1100: Theater Appreciation
WELL 1101/1102: Wellness (Courses Vary)
BUSA 1105: Introduction to Business
BUSA 2106: The Environment of Business
CRJU 1100: Introduction to Criminal Justice
AMST 1102: American Identities
PHIL 2010: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 2030: Introduction to Ethics
POLS 1101: American Government
GEOG 1101: Introduction to Human Geography
SOCI 1101: Introduction to Sociology
PSYC 1101: Introduction to Psychology
SOCI 1160: Introduction to Social Problems
BIOL 1120: Introduction to Environmental Science
BIOL 1140: Plants and Society
BIOL 1130: Human Biology
GEOL 1121: Physical Geology
GEOL 1122: Historical Geology

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