Become a partner

At this point in the development of our program, faculty members at the College who wish to teach service-learning courses are continuously being identified. Once they select a course for which service-learning will be applicable, they will seek out local community organizations who provide a good match, and will be well served through a partnership with the course. The Center for Service-Learning plays a facilitating role as “matchmaker” in this partnering process by offering information about local groups to interested faculty and students, setting initial exploratory meetings, and by encouraging faculty to pursue direct contact with relevant community organizations.

If you're interested in developing a service-learning partnership with CCGA faculty and students, please contact the Center for Service-Learning. Note that partnerships may take time to develop. It is unlikely that the Center will be able to fulfill organizations’ immediate requests for student service-learners. Increased opportunities for partnership with the College will arise as the number of service-learning courses grows and more students are encouraged to serve in the community.

Community agencies can promote their partnership needs by completing the Community Partner Project Proposal Survey. Information from the surveys will be added to the potential projects listed in the Community Partner Clearinghouse portion of the CCGA webpage.

When thinking about or designing a service project, it is important to keep the following questions in mind:
  • What are the minimum and maximum number of students the project will require?
  • Does this project entail using students from a particular discipline?
  • What type of student preparation is needed? Who is responsible for this preparation?
  • Are there any risk factors involved with this project? If so, how will they be managed?
  • How many hours will the project require? What is the time frame?
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