What are service-learning courses?

When registering, identify courses that have a Service-Learning (S-L) designation. Typically in service-learning courses enrolled students are expected to complete a direct or indirect service project. Because of the service component, students are encouraged to enroll in only one S-L course per semester.

In service-learning courses, students participate in organized service experiences, and through a process of active and critical reflection, they link these experiences to course content. In doing so, they gain a deeper understanding of the material, develop skills in community leadership, advance their awareness of global issues and diversity, and exercise social responsibility. At the same time, service-learning courses allow students to test and apply their skills and ideas through hands-on personal, career, and professional development opportunities which also serve vital community needs.

Click the video below to hear former service-learning students talk about their experiences:

What you can expect out of a service-learning course

  • Valuable experiences that directly impact a population in your community
  • The opportunity to connect your service experience to course objectives
  • The chance to step out of your comfort zone and experience the community like you never have before
  • The opportunity to practice professional skills; community organizations will expect you to show up on time, communicate professionally, and meet deadlines and goals
  • Clear direction and training; you will participate in an orientation to learn about the organization’s mission, impact, and protocol for volunteer

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