The ATTIC offers Supplemental Instruction in person, and online using Blackboard Collaborate through D2L.
A searchable schedule of SI sessions is available on the ATTIC's Find-SI page.

If you have any questions, contact the ATTIC at or 912-279-5790.

Supplemental Instruction

What is Supplemental Instruction?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a proactive academic support program that is intended to facilitate student learning and promote good study habits by providing on-going academic assistance throughout the semester. It is designed to assist students in courses that have traditionally been labeled difficult and have high rates of D, F, or W grades. The main goal of SI is to improve the students’ knowledge and comprehension of the material presented in the course. This goal is accomplished by holding weekly out of class review session allowing students to work collaboratively to understand the course material.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an SI Leader?

SI leaders are students who have previously completed and earned a high grade in the course. The leaders are trained to facilitate and guide review sessions aimed at promoting effective learning and study habits for this course. Also, SI leaders attend each class period with students, take notes, and complete all of the assigned readings.


How does SI Work?

At each session the SI leader will guide students through a review of the course concepts covered in class. In addition, the SI leader will assist students to make good use of their time and share successful study strategies. During these sessions students will be able to review the material, work through problems, discuss concepts, and improve their study skill collaboratively with other students. SI leaders are here to assist students and not to do their work for them. During sessions SI leaders will not lecture, hand out their notes or complete students’ homework or do their thinking for them.


What’s in it for me?

Students who attend SI increase the likelihood of receiving a better grade in the class. Research shows that students who attend SI sessions regularly average one half to one full letter grade higher than their classmates who choose not to attend. By regularly attending SI students will gain a better understanding of the course material as well as successful study habits.


Why should I attend?

Students who attend typically improve their grades as well as gain a better understanding of the course concepts. It provides students with the opportunity to discuss, review, and apply course concepts with other students. Essentially, SI sessions can be viewed as guaranteed study time.


When do sessions start?

SI session begin the first week of class. During the first class period students fill out a survey indicating when they are available to attending a session. After reviewing the surveys the SI leader will pick a time that will accommodate the most students. The SI leader will announce the times and locations for the SI sessions in the following class period.


How do I know if my class has SI?

During the first class period the SI Leader will introduce him or herself and will inform students about SI.


Who can attend?

Any student in a class that is participating with SI is able to attend sessions.


Is attendance mandatory?

Attendance is not mandatory however it is strongly encouraged.


If I don’t attend SI at the beginning of the semester, can I still attend later?

Yes, students can attend SI sessions at any time during the semester.


How is SI different from tutoring?
SI Tutoring
Cover general course concepts X X
Facilitates student success X X
Support for a specific course & instructor X
Focuses on high-risk students X
Focuses on high-risk courses X
Offers needs based assistance X
Provides on-going assistance X
Address specific problem student has X
Promotes good learning & study habits X

Is SI some type of remedial program?

No, SI is proactive academic support aimed at improving students’ understanding and grasp of course concepts. It provides students with on-going academic assistance throughout the semester. Rather than focusing on high-risk students SI focuses on courses that have traditionally been viewed as high-risk which are courses that have high rates of D, F, & W grades. Also, SI courses are open to all student enrolled in an SI course not just students who are struggling.


What can I expect from an SI session?

Students can expect to be part of a group review session facilitated by the SI Leader. The session will cover material recently covered in the course as well as address specific questions or areas of difficulty students are having with the course material. In addition students will learn successful learning and study strategies. SI Leaders will not lecture, provide class notes, or do your homework or thinking for you.


What is expected of me during an SI session?

Due to the interactive nature of SI session students are expected to come prepared. This means the student should have attended the class, completed assigned reading, homework assignments and be prepared to actively participate in the session. Students are also expected to respect the SI leader and other students attending the session.


What should I bring to an SI session?

Students should their notes, textbooks, and any other material they would typically bring to class. Also, students should bring a list of specific questions that they would like to be addressed during the session.


What does is the cost?

SI sessions are FREE!

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