One of the obligations of membership in the College of Coastal Georgia Faculty is active participation in the governance of the institution.

Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the mechanism for shared governance at the College. As stipulated by Regents' Policy, the Senate "shall make, subject to the approval of the president of the institution, the chancellor and the Board, statutes, rules and regulations for its governance and for that of the students; provide such committees as may be required; prescribe regulations regarding admission, suspension, expulsion, classes, courses of study, and requirements for graduation; and make such regulations as may be necessary or proper for the maintenance of high educational standards." The Senate "shall also have primary responsibility for those aspects of student life which relate to the educational process, subject to the approval of the president of the institution."

Useful Resources

Faculty Committees

The work of the faculty is accomplished through a Faculty Senate and a system of committees. The names of the committees, as well as their functions, are described in the College's Faculty Senate Bylaws. Additional work of the College is conducted by Standing Committees of the College and Advisory Committees or Task Forces to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and/or President. The Standing Committees of the College and the Advisory Committees to the Vice President and President may be described in the Statutes.
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