Program Description

The pure/applied mathematics concentration within the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at Coastal Georgia includes a robust curriculum that prepares students for graduate study, or a career in government or industry. The program requires all students complete a bridge course to higher mathematics (MATH 3000), take a certain number of "core" mathematics courses (e.g., abstract algebra, real analysis, discrete mathematics) and finish with a senior capstone course (MATH 4200) that ties together the various coursework they've completed while also preparing them for the GRE. Students also work with their advisor to choose a number of elective mathematics courses to customize their program of study to their intended career. A full description of the admission requirements and coursework necessary for this degree can be found in the course catalog.

For more information on this degree, you may also contact

Ms. Deborah Browning (Department Coordinator)

Dr. Tanya Cofer (Department Chair)

Program Outcomes

There are four general outcomes for students pursuing this degree:
  • Each graduate shall demonstrate an understanding of the nature of mathematics.
  • Each graduate in mathematics will demonstrate knowledge of diverse areas in mathematics such as algebra, analysis, and applied mathematics.
  • Each graduate in mathematics will demonstrate the ability to use a variety of mathematical methods and techniques in problem solving.
  • All graduates of CCGA will be "mathematically literate" in, and able to apply their knowledge from, mathematics courses in their curricula.

Career Options

The BS in Pure/Applied Mathematics prepares students for a variety of careers by developing analytical and critical thinking skills which are highly desirable in the job market. Career areas include:

  • Actuarial Positions
  • Finance
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Cryptography
  • Statistics
  • Computer Science
  • Operations Research
  • Biotechnology

Course Plans

For students interested in completing the BS in Pure/Applied mathematics, check out the sample course plans listed below:

As most of our upper level mathematics courses are offered on a two-year rotating basis, the sample plans are subdivided into a plan for those graduating in an odd year and one for those graduating in an even year. The plans are based on a tentativetwo-year schedule of course offerings.

We also encourage our students to complete internships or summer programs, such asREUs, during their college career.

Program Assessment

Each of the courses within the mathematics degree have specific course learning outcomes that are tied to the program outcomes listed above. Each time one of these courses are taught, we assess these outcomes to determine what changes, if any, need to be made to ensure student success. Most of our math major courses are taught on a two-year cycle, so these outcomes are assessed on a rotating basis.

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