The College of Coastal Georgia will be offering a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree, beginning Fall 2022, from the School of Business and Public Management (SBPM). The new degree program has been developed from the Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in accounting. The accounting concentration has been very successful with a 79 percent increase in student enrollment in the program since Fall 2016. The change comes as industry leaders strongly prefer candidates who have earned a degree in accounting, thus helping accounting graduates remain competitive for future careers in accounting.

“Being able to offer the Bachelor of Science in Accounting as a major is a game-changer for our students,” said Dean of the School of Business and Public Management Dr. Skip Mounts. “Prior to this, our accounting students earned an accounting concentration in our Bachelor of Business Administration program. While the curricula are similar, the credential of an accounting degree has significant value within the accounting profession.”

Along with the new degree program is the opportunity for community members who’ve already earned a bachelor’s degree and are considering a new career in accounting, to enroll at the College for accounting and business classes only. Individuals will be able to take accounting and other related classes, such as business law, to learn the content for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. Combined with a prior bachelor’s degree, the completed courses could accumulate to 150 hours—a requirement as a CPA.

Clint Purser, managing partner at Schell and Hogan, LLP said that for the College to offer accounting as a major is a very big deal in the accounting profession.

“Graduating accounting majors are in such high demand that accounting firms are hiring students from other courses of study to fill accounting positions. Salaries and benefits for accounting majors are at all-time highs, and lifetime career awards cannot be numbered,” Purser said. “An accounting major in the accounting field can choose from so many diverse career paths. The options are almost limitless. The ability of the College to train and graduate accounting majors will fulfill the dreams of so many people for years to come.”

To learn more about the new accounting degree and opportunity for community members, please contact Professor of Accounting Dr. Wanda DeLeo at