Art and Lindee Lucas Center for Entrepreneurship

Anyone attempting to solve a problem can be seen as being entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurship is an act of creative problem-solving, found not only in business and business development, but in every aspect of life. Wherever there are problems, one will find entrepreneurs. The Art and Lindee Lucas Center for Entrepreneurship's goal is to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports the development of new and experienced entrepreneurs for the Golden Isles.

The Vision of the Lucas Center

The vision of the Art and Lindee Lucas Center for Entrepreneurship is very simple: to transform the economic development of coastal Georgia through the power of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. The creation and support of an entrepreneurial ecosystem is one of the major keys to significant long-run economic development in the Golden Isles. With the quality of life of the Golden Isles - a large and dynamic mentoring initiative comprised of the area's retirement community - the Lucas Center for Entrepreneurship in coastal Georgia will become a significant entrepreneurial hub along the East Coast.

The Mission of the Lucas Center

The Lucas Center for Entrepreneurship supports economic development, business creation, and entrepreneurship by offering academic programs, mentoring services, consulting opportunities, community events, and partnering with local public agencies. While the primary focus of the Center is student entrepreneurs and their success, other beginning entrepreneurs to serial entrepreneurs will also find added value and support from its programs and activities.

Contact Information:

Dr. William Mounts

Dean, School of Business and Public Management, Professor of Economics