Mariners Club

The purpose of Mariners Club is to raise funds in support of the College of Coastal Georgia Athletics Program. The program's mission is to promote and provide the opportunity for every student-athlete to develop into a person of character, achieve academic excellence, achieve athletic excellence as part of a varsity team and as an individual competitor, and actively engage with their campus community and the broader Golden Isles community through athletic events, as well as service and outreach activities. In support of the Coastal Georgia Athletic Department's mission, funds raised by the Mariners Club will be used to provide a significant margin of excellence to Mariner student-athletes and coaches by:

  • Supporting the student-athlete athletic experience by providing
    • Travel, lodging and meal expenses
    • Uniform and equipment items
    • Practice and training equipment
    • Direct and indirect support for coaches and athletic staff
    • Supporting awards and recognitions for championship teams
  • Supporting the student-athlete academic experience by providing scholarships, allowing coaches to recruit and retain academically and athletically-talented student-athletes who graduate and become leaders in their chosen occupations and communities.
  • Supporting the student-athlete, fan and spectator experience by providing
    • Facility maintenance
    • Facility renovation
    • Facility construction
    • Enhanced game-day experiences for fans both on-campus and off-campus, through improved broadcast media operations
  • Having Mariners Club members raise awareness of Mariner Athletics and the College of Coastal Georgia by making others aware of the mission and need, thereby sustaining and growing support of Mariner student-athletes.
Giving Level
Up to $249
$5000 & above
Benefits Sailor Commander Captain Commodore Admiral
Support Mariner student-athlete education and experience X X X X X
Tax Deduction X X X X X
Newsletter X X X X X
Mariners Club Decals (2) X X X X X
Invitation to Special Events   X X X X
Yearly Pass to all Mariners Events     2 2 4
Hospitality Passes       2 4
Mariners Golf Shirt and Hat       X X