2023 Elevate Annual Giving

Elevate '23

Our mission can be summed up at the College of Coastal Georgia in two words—student success. That success is our passion and drive, but also our legacy. We pride ourselves on providing the big school feel with personal touches to make students feel like individuals and not just a number. We challenge and empower our students to be agents of change in a challenging and continually changing world. Our goal is to provide students with the tools to be successful once they graduate and venture into the future while reminding them that they will always be a part of the Mariner Family.

Without the support of our extended Mariner Family, we cannot achieve our mission and goals. Your contributions to Elevate ’23 MATTER. They are invested directly into student success. Areas like;

  • those programs and services that support our "every student, every time" approach;
  • training for our faculty and staff so that we always use the best and most high-impact practices;
  • service-learning and undergraduate research that allows students to find solutions for real-world problems;
  • student development programs outside of the classroom like our nationally-recognized athletics teams in golf, softball, tennis, volleyball, and basketball;
  • our recently-launched blended career and academic advising model that is started on day one of the student journey

The fund makes sure that good ideas for student success become fully realized.

In 2023, we are choosing to Elevate our Annual Giving by continuing the select group known as "Navigators." These individuals embody the mission and passion of the College by donating $1,000 or more to the College of Coastal Georgia. By being a Navigator, you will be helping to guide the College and reinforce our commitment to an "every student, every time" approach.

For Elevate 2023, please consider being a Navigator by making a $1,000 donation. All gifts—at whatever level of your you can provide—will make a difference in our students' lives and our lasting legacy.

You can also make a donation to benefit a particular group, program, or scholarship here.

Hail the Sail and Go Mariners!