Welcome to the 2014 - 2015 Academic Year

Welcome to the beautiful campus of the College of Coastal Georgia and thank you for considering us as your College of Choice.

There is something special going on here in Georgia – a kindness, a good will, a helping hand, lots of good counsel, an affordable education and a commitment to our students. The state of Georgia is committed to Complete College Georgia and in turn, we are equally committed to your successfully starting college, progressing and graduating. We are also committed to assisting you in taking your next steps as you embark on your chosen career.

We pursue with enthusiasm the goals embedded in our vision statement: The College of Coastal Georgia will be a college of choice for students within Georgia and beyond, providing an outstanding education for tomorrow’s leaders and citizens through service learning, global awareness and engaged entrepreneurship.

Our faculty is second to none, hailing from some of the finest graduate schools in the country and choosing to “profess” on this campus because of their love of teaching and their passion for their subject matter.

Service is a core component of who we are. Service-learning is our chosen method of enhancing and reinforcing learning, putting classroom knowledge to practical use in the real world and benefitting the entire community in the process.

We also enhance learning through a study-friendly campus with easily-accessible tutors, study tables in every building, and a library that stays open extended hours before finals and 24/7 during finals.

When you walk on our campus, you experience a community. When you enter a classroom, you experience our commitment. When you graduate from our college, you are part of our culture.

So when you see the letters CCGA, you’ll know that they not only stand for College of Coastal Georgia, but also affirm your destiny: CCGA – the College of Choice in Georgia.

We’re glad you are here.

Dr. Gregory F. Aloia
President and Professor
College of Coastal Georgia