Any College employee receiving a request for records held under his/her individual or departmental responsibility should immediately notify either the Director of Human Resources at 912.279.5740 or the Registrar/Director of Admissions at 912.279.5730. A request may be verbal - it is not necessary that a request be in writing - although any requestor may submit a written request under the law if they so desire.

We will contact the requestor directly to determine what they want to know, and will work with them to determine which records will best provide them that information. We then will contact the administrator responsible for those records to determine whether they exist, how voluminous they might be, and how much time might be required to search and assemble them. If the answer is simple and the records minimal, we will try to respond immediately. In more complicated requests, and within three business days of the original request as required by law, the requestor will be notified of the existence of records, an estimate of the cost of searching, assembling and copying, and asked whether they care to proceed.

If their answer is affirmative, the department will be notified to gather the records and provide them to either the Director of Human Resources or the Registrar/Director of Admissions as promptly as possible for delivery to the requestor.
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