Engaging Our Community Through the School of Business and Public Affairs

At College of Coastal Georgia's School of Business and Public Affairs, we constantly strive to bring the community into our classrooms and our classes into the community. Much of the knowledge we share with our students is generated by our interaction with the communities within which we are located.

On any given week here at College of Coastal Georgia you will have our executives, community leaders, and visiting professionals in our classrooms with students presenting on any number of topics. And if it isn't enough to have these professionals visiting our fast-growing campus, you can be sure our students are out in the community doing their internships, service learning projects, group research projects, externships or class assignments.

One of the most useful forms of engagement is the application of individual faculty expertise through consulting projects and sponsored research. Our faculty have all been in the workplace and have rubbed elbows with other professionals and have the knowledge and experience that is consistently sought out by local, regional national and even international organizations. Our faculty speak at various meetings around the world and in our backyard about their areas of expertise. They are regularly featured in monthly meetings of business associations and community groups, as well as in magazines, newspapers, trade publications, radio and televised media channels. Several have been and are leaders of their profession's associations or interest groups.

We encourage all of our faculty to engage with the community, since it allows them to generate new insights into how organizations should be managed as well as to provide our students with not only the benefits of the instfructional materials used in our classrooms but also the benefits of having opportunities to apply their knowledge to real-world organizational challenges, just like the ones they will face once they move forward in their careers. Because of their expertise, faculty are also frequently quoted and referenced in the media, locally and nationally. Visit the About the Faculty portion of the School's website to learn more about their specific areas of teaching and expertise.

Sponsored research projects are an important means by which our faculty engages with the community. Additionally, our students do applied research projects in many of our upper-level courses, as well as service-learning (SL) projects as part of our pre-business curriculum. Although many examples can be cited, but here's three for your consideration:
  • Drs. Fleisher (Management) and Mathews (Economics), and senior BBA student Jessin Oueslati worked with the Joint Development Authority of Camden County, the Camden County Chamber of Commerce, the Cities of Kingsland, St. Mary's and Woodbine to take the "Pulse of Camden 2010." This sponsored project helped local executives better understand the state of the economy and was developed to provide not only support for planning but also support for local business people to gain additional assistance and resources that would be helpful to their success.
  • Students in the BUSA 2106 Environment of Business course taught by Professors Gentlze and Reese have successfully partnered with the Elizabeth F. Correll Teen Center, FaithWorks, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Ferst Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Humane Society of Camden and Glynn Counties, Isaiah 6: 8 Missions, Karen's House of Hope, Map International, and Salvation Army among others, as volunteers and advisors in helping make our communities are better place for everybody as part of a required service learning assignment in this course.
  • Student teams in the Principles of Management (MGMT 3100) class have performed beneficial management assessment projects with the Brunswick Golden Isles Airport, The Language Learning Center (Camden), Rob Dunagan Agency (Allstate), Shane's Rib Shack, Southeastern Bank, and Spanky's among others, that have examined and made actionable recommendations for improving the planning, organizing, directing and controlling elements of these organizations.
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