School of Business & Public Management

Vision, Mission and Values

The School of Business and Public Management (SBPM) will be recognized as a source of economic and social change by developing the human capital, decision-making skills, and leadership abilities of its students and partners in the local, regional, and global communities. SBPM programs will promote economic opportunities in the private sector and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of public and not-for-profit organizations.

The School of Business and Public Management offers innovative programs designed to inspire students and partners to become organizational leaders who think globally and entrepreneurially. Our programs, aided by experiential learning and community engagements, focus on opportunities for students and others to build the professional skills and talents they will need to solve complex problems and to maximize organizational effectiveness.

Operational Principles
  • Experiential learning effectively links theory with practice.
  • Open classroom dialogue is fundamental to meaningful learning.
  • Free enterprise uniquely promotes economic growth.
  • Individual private decision-making leads to significant social outcomes.
  • Ethical leadership is not inconsistent with effective decision-making.
  • Public, not-for-profit, and for profit enterprises promote social change.
  • Social responsibility of organizations is ultimately traced back to the ability of individuals to make ethical decisions in a complex environment.
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