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College Trustee Emeritus Don Carter receives honor
Posted 12/04/2014 12:00AM

Brunswick, GA – It was the week of finals and not a time students tend toward holiday frivolity until after exams are completed. But Dr. German Vargas, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and chair of the department, received a merry surprise when a group of his students, all math majors, trooped into his office sporting big smiles and new t-shirts on Monday.

The front of the shirts sported an image of Dr. Vargas in a pose known as “The Vargas” – arms crossed, hand on chin, finger framing lips, eyes looking thoughtfully into the distance. The students described the pose as “Dr. Vargas thinking about what they are saying.” On the back, the t-shirts read, “He Cares More About the People His Students Become Than the Scores on the Tests They Take.”

The idea for the t-shirts originated with Meghan Corwin ’15, who caught “The Vargas” pose on her cell phone. Corwin, John Jackson ’15, Austin Benton ’16, Evan Gallagher ’17, Jedidiah Lindborg ’16 and Chelsea Vining ’15 have been proudly wearing their shirts around campus.

“He’s the best professor I’ve ever had,” Lindborg said, “and I’ve had lots of good ones.”

“We just didn’t want him taken for granted,” someone in the group added.

“I am so honored,” Dr. Vargas responded. “It’s incredible.”

Pictured, left to right: Evan Gallagher ’17, Jedidiah Lindborg ’16, Dr. German Vargas, Austin Benton ’16, , and Chelsea Vining ’15

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