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College continues to grow stronger every year
Posted 07/07/2017 11:18AM

This editorial was published in The Brunswick News on July 7.

The good news keeps coming out of College of Coastal Georgia.

As the college makes its transition from President Greg Aloia to interim president Margaret Amstutz, it is also home to a professor who has received a high honor from the state.

Colleen Knight, an assistant professor of chemistry at CCGA, is a Governor's Teaching Fellow this year, which essentially means she is among the 15 best college faculty members in Georgia. That goes for public and private institutions, of which there are many.

This is a high honor for Knight and for the college that deserves recognition and praise.

Every year, it seems CCGA continues to add new programs, develop resources to help students succeed in the modern job market and expand its enrollment.

Every time a new announcement is made, it comes as music to our ears. We want CCGA to prosper and grow as much as anyone because we know how meaningful a robust and bustling college campus can be to a community.

Colleges have a way of injecting young, energetic people into a community who bring with them new ideas that can have big impacts. As CCGA grows, so will the energy and impact its students, faculty and staff have on Brunswick.

With more professors like Knight, College of Coastal Georgia will only attract better and brighter students who will live, work and play here.

It also means our local college students — whether they are from here or out of town — will be getting the best education and training available. As more and more of them graduate, there is a good chance they will seek jobs locally, which means employers will be more likely to stay here, expand here and come here.

Knight may be just one professor earning a distinction in one statewide program, but she is putting CCGA on the map yet again. Combine that with a No. 7 ranking among regional public colleges, being ranked among the most affordable colleges in the state and a host of other accolades and programs of note, and College of Coastal Georgia's future impact on the Golden Isles is only getting brighter.

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