Office of VPAA Approval Number Submitting School Programs Affected Description
201708‐01 Arts & Sciences/Social Sciences General Education/eCore Creation of a new eCore course: HIST 1112 Survey of World History II (satisfies Area E).
201708-02 Arts & Sciences/Mathematics General Education/ Area A2 Clarifies pre-calculus alternative for science and mathematics majors. Students not sufficiently prepared for MATH 1113 can start at MATH 1111 or MATH 1112, depending on existing placement mechanisms. [Previous wording implied students had to complete both MATH 1111+MATH 1112.]
201708-03 Arts & Sciences/ Natural Sciences General Education/ eCore Changes numbering of Principles of Physics I to align with USG and CCGA standards. New course will be PHYS 2211K.
201708-04 Education, Health Sciences, and Nursing Radiologic Sciences Makes several changes to the courses in the AS for Radiologic Science: - Updates descriptions for RADT 1100, RADT 2100, RADT 2200 - Updates pre/co-requisites RADT 1112, RADT 1113, RADT 2002, RADT 2231, RADT 2241 - Correct lab hours from 33 to 21 for RADT 1112, RADT 1113, RADT 2231, RADT 2241
201708-05 Honors Program Honors Program Creation of honors sections of existing general education courses: HIST 2112H and PSYC 1101H.
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