Programs of Study

The College of Coastal Georgia offers bachelor's and associate degrees, as well as minors and certificates. With a student/faculty ratio that averages 19:1, your professors know your name in a college setting where the academics are challenging and exhilarating!

Approved Academic Program CIP Codes

Degrees, Majors, Minors & Certificates


Baccalaureate programs are focused on selected areas of study and offer students the opportunity to complete baccalaureate degrees with special emphases on fields that support regional and state economic development.

Bachelor of Applied Science with a Major in Workforce Management & Leadership
Bachelor of Arts with a Major in French Language and Literature
Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Spanish Language and Literature
Bachelor of Arts with a Major in American Studies

Bachelor of Science with a Major in Biological Sciences

Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business

Bachelor of Science with a Major in Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Science in Education with a Major in Early Childhood/Special Education
Bachelor of Science with a Major in Environmental Science
Bachelor of Science with a Major in Middle Grades Education
Bachelor of Science with a Major in Health Informatics
Bachelor of Science with a Major in Health Sciences
Bachelor of Science With a Major in Hospitality and Tourism Management
Bachelor of Science with a Major in Interdisciplinary Studies
Bachelor of Science with a Major in Mathematics
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Science with a Major in Psychology
Bachelor of Science with a Major in Public Management

Honors Program

College of Coastal Georgia Honors Program

Our goal in the College of Coastal Georgia's Honors Program is to provide enhanced educational experiences to the brightest and most driven students at the college. We do this through smaller courses taught by our finest faculty and through other opportunities for learning and growth outside of the classroom. We strive to connect our students to faculty members and community partners through internships, service learning projects, and opportunities to pursue undergraduate research.

Please visit the Coastal Georgia's Honors Program page

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Online Bachelor's

The College's growth in the area of online learning has grown precipitously within the last few years. In an effort to accommodate diverse student learners, online education is a popular learning platform, not only in terms of convenience and flexibility, but also the opportunity for students to participate in an interactive virtual classroom environment that offers enhanced class discussions.

Bachelor of Applied Science
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science


The Associate of Arts degree (A.A.) and Associate of Science degree (A.S.) prepare students planning further study in many disciplines at CCGA and at other colleges or universities. These degrees consist of 42 hours of the required core curriculum courses and 18 hours of lower level courses related to a bachelor’s degree field of study (Area F). These associate programs do not include a major or minor course of study.

The College also offers four career associate degrees that are primarily designed to prepare students for employment upon graduation. These degrees require 60-70 credits, with at least 20 credits of general education courses.


Baccalaureate degree students may select a minor in a different field of study to complement their major. A minor is between 15 and 18 credit hours with at least 9 of those hours in courses numbered 3000 or higher. None of the classes used in the minor may be counted toward meeting the Area A-E requirements of a student's degree program. (No course may be counted twice.)


The following certificates are embedded programs within a College of Coastal Georgia degree. First-year certificates are completed as part of an AS, AA, BS, BA, or BAS degree. Either Spanish for Professionals or the TESOL certificate can be completed as part of any degree with 18 elective credits. These are embedded certificate programs that are taken as part of a normal degree program.

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