The College of Coastal Georgia has an ongoing review process based on learning outcomes for all baccalaureate and career associate degree programs, as well as select associate degree for transfer programs. Outcomes specific to educational programs are identified through both internal and external institutional effectiveness processes.

Assessment at the College of Coastal Georgia is guided by the Nine Principles of Assessment that were developed by a task force from the American Association for Higher Education (Alexander W. Astin; Trudy W. Banta; K. Patricia Cross; Elain El-Khawas; Peter T. Ewell; Pat Hutchings; Theodore J. Marchese, Kay M. McClenney; Marcia Mentkowski, Margaret A. Miller; E. Thomas Moran; and Barbara D. Wright).

Instructional Units

Program Outcomes (annual review)

The purpose of assessment of academic learning outcomes at the program level is to improve students’ learning. School Deans and faculty evaluate assessment results to identify ways to improve the educational environment and enhance student success. Implementing the Outcomes Assessment Process requires a plan that explains what will be measured, how it will be measured, when assessment will occur, who is responsible for assessment activities, and how the assessment information will be used.

Multi-Year Program Assessment Calendar Template & Rubric
Comprehensive Program Review (periodic review)

Beginning Fall 2016, per USG Board Policy 3.6.3, Comprehensive Academic Program Review, each baccalaureate degree program will engage in a seven-year comprehensive review cycle; each career associate degree program will engage in a five-year comprehensive review cycle; and the core curriculum that supports the AA/AS for transfer degrees will engage in a five-year comprehensive review cycle.

Periodic Review Schedule Template

NOTE: Programs accredited by external entities may not substitute an external review for institutional program review, but material submitted as part of an external accreditation process may be used in the institutional review.

Administrative & Educational Support Services Units

Operational Outcomes

Administrative & Educational Support Services unit assessment focuses on the operational and support services provided by the College. The goals of the process are to (1) evaluate the effectiveness of CCGA's units at meeting their operational and strategic outcomes; (2) provide evidence that the unit is accomplishing what it was created to do; and (3) meet SACSCOC accreditation standards; i.e., Comprehensive Standards and (administrative & educational support services).

Unit Assessment Plan Archives (password protected)


If you have any questions about annual student learning assessment reporting, are in need of assistance, please contact Dr. Laura Lynch, Assistant Vice President for Faculty Affairs at

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