Academic Program Review

The College of Coastal Georgia has an ongoing review process based on learning outcomes for all baccalaureate and career associate degree programs. Outcomes specific to educational programs are identified through both internal and external institutional effectiveness processes.

Program Outcomes (Annual Review)

The purpose of assessment of academic learning outcomes at the program level is to improve students’ learning. School Deans and faculty evaluate assessment results to identify ways to improve the educational environment and enhance student success. Implementing the Outcomes Assessment Process requires a plan that explains what will be measured, how it will be measured, when assessment will occur, who is responsible for assessment activities, and how the assessment information will be used.

Each year, all academic programs are asked to report on the assessment of student learning outcomes. Programs are not expected to assess every outcome every year, but they should choose a manageable number of outcomes to assess in any given year. Programs should plan to assess each of their student learning outcomes at least once within a five-year period, or the amount of time between the department's periodic comprehensive reviews. Listed below are the program student learning outcomes schedules for the current five-year review cycle. School Deans are accountable to the Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs for demonstrating the effectiveness of their learning outcomes assessment by discussing assessment results and implications for program improvement in the College’s annual budget and enrollment planning cycles.

Program Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Schedule Template & Rubric
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