Torchbearer's Club

The mission of the Torchbearers Club is to provide African-American males the academic, social, and cultural skills needed to complete college via an intense mentoring program. While this student organization was developed to improve African-American male retention and graduation rates in the University System of Georgia, other students are welcome to participate as a Torchbearer. This organization will serve as one of the academic and social components in achieving College of Coastal Georgia’s mission.

The Goals of the Torchbearers

  • Ensure students are equipped with the appropriate academic skills to meet graduation requirements
  • Develop and complete the academic goals that are significant to student’s career plans
  • Provide a forum that addresses the educational, health, and economic issues of students
  • Ensure students are motivated, empowered, and believe in their ability to succeed
  • Provide leadership training for students though community service oriented activities which promote experiential learning, self-awareness, modeling and mentoring
  • Promote peer-to-peer mentoring activities that help develop successful mainstreaming tactics
  • Support programs that help students to become productive citizens

The Benefits of the Torchbearers

  • Opportunities to talk with others about things that are important
  • Access to additional scholarships
  • Access to additional academic tools needed to graduate from college
  • An opportunity to improve personal or academic problem solving, decision making, and conflict resolution techniques
  • An opportunity to participate in leadership seminars to help achieve success in and out of the classroom
  • Access to additional tutoring
  • Access to venues that develop leadership skills, social responsibility, and teamwork to prepare students for the future roles in their communities


Dr. Floyd Phoenix
Office Hours: Call for an appointment.

Mr. Linell Bailey
Phone: 912.279.4547
Office Hours: Call for an appointment.


Location: Within the Campus Center Conference Room
We hope to see you and your friends!