Nontraditional Students Group (NTS)

Sponsors: Dr. Ntungwa Maasha Sharon Bartkovich and Remy Hildenborough

The Non-traditional students club meets monthly as agreed onat its first meeting in the semester. The meetings of the club focus on topics suggestedby the members to address the unique circumstances and challenges of studentswho typically had a hiatus between high school and college, and most of whomhold a job to support a family while striving to do well in their college courses. The discussions at themeetings, usually lead by an invited member of the college faculty or staff ,include money matters, time management, study skills, career development, andpreparing for examinations. The meetings also offer the members opportunitiesfor social networking and collaboration in their studies. For example, members whohappen to attend the same course might form a study group while one who hascompleted it acts as a group tutor.