Minority Academic Social Development Association (MASDA)

The mission of MASDA is to promote the value of and awareness of different cultures and to enhance the understanding and appreciation of diversity within our campus community. Additionally, MASDA will serve as a catalyst for cultivating the ideal environment for learning.

The Goals of the MASDA

  • Provide culturally appropriate programming and create forums that place effective role-models in contact with students to discuss their educational and other experiences
  • Provide periodic meetings with department chairs, academic officers, and the President to maximize the interrelationship with other aspects of the institution
  • Provide opportunities to receive employment service workshops that are affiliated with certification for soft skills, learning style assessments, leadership profile assessments, etc.
  • Provide specific leadership programs that address collaborations with middle schools or high schools to help prepare students for college

The Benefits of the MASDA

  • Encouraging self-discovery opportunities through an Annual Unity Event to include campus and local communities
  • Target middle or high schools to assistance students in their college readiness programs
  • Invite President, department heads and faculty to special meetings or sessions to build rapport with them and to seek information about career options
  • Develop on-going forums for diverse speakers to address educational experiences and the speakers should be exemplary role models as well


Floyd Phoenix
Phone: 912.279.5805
Email: fphoenix@ccga.edu
Office Hours: Call for an appointment


Location: Within the Campus Center Conference Room
We hope to see you and your friends!