Business Student Society

The Business Student Society represents all students under the School of Business and Public Affairs which includes business administration, criminal justice, health informatics, computer science, information technology, and hospitality management. Our mission is to forge future leaders and continually prepare students for life after graduation through service learning, community involvement, and constant means of networking.

Meetings Fall Semester 2013:

Everyother Monday at 4:30p.m.
Located in the ACN Room 101 A&B
Novemeber 4th & 18th
December 2nd
Brunswick Campus

Upcoming events

Dodge Ball
Adpoted Highway Cleanup "Altama Avenue"
Fundraiser: Yard Sale
Luncheon Etiquette in the President Dining Hall
Keeping Brunswick Warm

2013-14 Officers

President - Jason Carpenter, 912.506.4649,
Vice President - Jeff Benson, 912.580.7431,
Secretary - Ranikia Atkinson, 912.580.1531,
Treasurer - Mike Ganten, 912.242.5306,
Public Relations - Joanna Bell, 912.996.3646,


Jim Fullerton, 912.279.5895,