Coastal Georgia Association of Nursing Students

Advisors: Donna Turner, RN MSN and Dawn Eldred, RN MSN

About Coastal Georgia Association of Nursing Students

Coastal Georgia Association of Nursing Students [CGANS] is mostly composed of nursing students attending the College of Coastal Georgia—pursuing professional licensure as an RN, on both the Associate and Baccalaureate levels.  However, the meetings are open to pre-nursing students or anyone with an interest in the career of nursing as an allied health profession.

The foundation and main purpose of CGANS is to promote professionalism and to help with career development and planning, as well as strategies to be successful students and future nurses.  

2014-2015 Officers


  • Brian Tarrou – ASN
  • Ashlie Simmons -- BSN  

Co-Vice Presidents

  • Steven Smith — ASN
  • Chelsea Horne — BSN


  • Nicole Glueck — ASN
  • Megan Anderson — BSN


  • Brandi Beaver — ASN
  • Alicia Barnes — BSN

Upcoming Events

October 20 and 22 11:50-12:50 @ HS 112 Domestic Violence Awareness Lecture
October 23-26 GANS Annual Convention—Ignite the Fire Peachtree, Georgia
November 6-9 NSNA Midyear Conference—Portland, Oregon
November 17 and 19 11:50-12:50 @ HS 112 Guest Speakers TBA

Contact Us

For additional information about BANS, please visit the BANS Facebook page.