Astronomy Club of the Golden Isles

Sponsor: Ntungwa Maasha

The goal of theAstronomy Club of the Golden Isles is to provide the public with opportunitiesto observe the sky and thus to furtherappreciation of the role of astronomy in our culture. Weather permitting, theClub will stage at least one stargazing session each month. It is the Club's hope and expectation thatthis will raise the community's awareness of the objects in our celestialneighborhood. So, let us begin the semester by checking out the followingevents:
  • The Perseid Meteor Shower is predicted topeak August 11-13 as Earth goes through the thickest part of the particlestream. The best time to observe is 11pm through 3 am each night. (for more information refer to Sky andTelescope)
  • Follow the moon phases in August and Septemberusing the table below.
Moon Phase Date Time (EDT)

First Quarter August 14 6:56 pm
Full August 20  
3rd Quarter August 18 5:35 pm

New September 5 7:36 am
1st Quarter September 12 1:08 pm
Full September 19 7:13 am
3rd Quarter September 26 11:55 pm