School board unveils AP exam results

From the The Brunswick News

Success of College ACCEL program noted

First the good news: more students at Glynn County's two public high schools took Advanced Placement courses this past school year.

Now the bad news: the overall passage rate on AP exams at both high schools is down from the previous year.

Joan Boorman, district grants and testing coordinator for the school system, shared the test results with the Glynn County Board of Education during its meeting Tuesday.

The number of students taking AP courses - which are college level courses - increased by more than 50 percent at the two high schools.

Administrators have attributed the increase to heightening demands for college entry, among other things.

For the recently ended 2013-14 school year, Brunswick High saw a significant drop in AP exam scores compared to the previous year, but Boorman said that could be in part to the dramatic increase in the number of students participating.

Students scoring a 3 or higher - the minimum score needed to receive college course credit at most universities - dropped to 47 percent this year from 59 percent last year. A perfect score on the AP exam is 5.

The number of students taking part in AP classes at Brunswick High jumped to 104 from 79.

At Glynn Academy students scoring a 3 or higher fell to 56 percent from 60 percent during the same time span, while the number of students participating climbed to 296 from 209.

The state percentage of students scoring 3 or higher is also at 56 percent.

"When the number of participants increases, you're more likely to see a decrease in overall scores," Boorman said. "We're not happy about that, but the principals and instructional coaches are working closely with AP teachers who are not having positive outcomes to change that."

Boorman also shared the growing numbers and successes of the school system's ACCEL program to help students earn college credit while in high school. College of Coastal Georgia and Coastal Pines Tech are also involved in the program.

This school year, 158 students from Brunswick High and 119 from Glynn Academy were dually enrolled at College of Coastal Georgia for a total of 277 students. Of those, Boorman said 227 received either a grade of B or better in their course and 158 of those received an A.

Release Date: 7/23/2014
Source: The Brunswick News