Paddling, splashing, learning

From the The Brunswick News

As the College of Coastal Georgia van came to a stop in front of Southeast Adventure Outfitters in Brunswick Thursday, 10 excited children jumped out.

The 10 children, ranging in ages 8 to 13 and followed closely by chaperones, were a part of the Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics camp hosted by the college last week, and they were ready to see what the outfitters had in store for them. The outdoors treat turned out to be a day on the water in a kayak.

It followed a special ecology lesson on campus, said camp leader and Coastal College of Georgia graduate Ambie Watson, about the thriving ecosystem they'd be exploring with the Southeast Adventure staff.

"Only a few of the kids have ever been kayaking before, and that's one of the greatest things about this camp. It gives kids a chance to do things they might never have done or get to do," Watson said.

After the children were fitted for life jackets, they received a thorough lesson on the proper kayaking technique and some safety tips from staff.

The campers loaded into two-seater kayaks and set off with Southeast Adventure guides to explore an area teeming with wildlife.

Watson said the camp and its 24 students built race cars as well as paper airplanes. She said they were learning how different dimensions affect flight distance and more, giving them a little background in aerodynamics before the whole group traveled to the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Savannah Friday.

The kayaking campers had also played a climate control game on campus. Before hitting the water, they had to learn how to balance their natural resources with funding.

Watson said it gave them a certain appreciation for the world around them and for those in positions of authority.

"So many of the things we've done at camp, I'll hear a camper say, 'I've got to show my mom this.' It's great because kids are really enjoying themselves and even taking what they've learned back home to their families," Watson said.

Release Date: 7/14/2014
Source: The Brunswick News

Photo by Sarah Lundgren, The Brunswick News