Dr. German Vargas, to Chair USG Steering Committee

Brunswick, GA Dr. German Vargas, Chair of the Department of Mathematics, has been appointed chair of the University System of Georgia’s ad hoc steering committee to implement the recommendations of the special report published in July on improving success rates in gateway mathematics courses across the state system.

During the past two years, Coastal Georgia’s Department of Mathematics has been actively involved in redesigning learning support curriculum and innovative instruction for mathematics to increase retention, progression and graduation without compromising the integrity of the mathematical content. “The tenacity of our faculty combined with the progressiveness of our institution has allowed our department to be one of the pioneers of these initiatives within the USG,” Dr. Vargas said. “The initiatives are part of the College’s commitment to support the Complete College Georgia vision and strategy for developing a workforce that will ensure a bright future for the state’s residents through a markedly increased percentage of post-secondary degrees and more graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics the STEM fields that translate into superior economic development.”

As a result of these efforts at Coastal Georgia, Dr. Vargas was appointed in January to serve as a member of USG’s Task Force on the Role of Mathematics in College Completion. The task force was comprised of eight mathematics leaders from some of the most influential schools in Georgia, such as Georgia Tech and UGA, and was led by senior administrators from USG and nationally-renowned consultants, including Dr. P. Uri Treisman, Professor of Mathematics and Professor of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin and Director of the Charles A. Dana Center.

The six-month projected culminated this summer in a report, University System of Georgia: Transforming College Mathematics. According to Dr. Vargas, the report calls for innovation and statewide implementation of eight recommendations to increase the success rate in gateway mathematics courses and improve retention, progression and graduation of students.

To direct the implementation of the report’s recommendations, the USG tasked the Academic Advisory Committee of Mathematical Subjects (ACMS) to form the ad hoc steering committee. Dr. Vargas, current chair-elect of the ACMS, was appointed to chair the task force. “I’m looking forward to the new challenge,” Dr. Vargas concluded.

Release Date: 10/9/2013
Source: College of Coastal Georgia

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