College to host night school program

From the The Brunswick News

Leftover funds from a 2012 grant and a kind offer by College of Coastal Georgia will make it possible for the Glynn County School System to continue its night high school program another year.

The college, its goal to encourage students to continue their education, has agreed to host the program at its Brunswick campus at no cost to the public school system.

Up to now, night high school has operated at Golden Isles Career Academy.

The school board voted to close the night school program earlier but reopened it after receiving the private grant in the amount of $67,000 last year.

Andrea Preston, assistant superintendent of finances for the school system, says operating and staffing the night high school program cost only $43,844 of the grant. That means more than $23,000 will roll over into the next school year.

Using the unspent funds, Preston estimated it will cost the school system in its new budget only $11,500 to staff the program with one to two teachers per night and pay for student materials.

Transportation will no longer be provided by the school system when the program moves to the college, which is in the city.

Ricky Rentz, assistant superintendent for student achievement, says he expects 45 returning students. Students can attend the night school program up to the age of 21.

School board members favor the night high school because it gives students an opportunity to earn a Glynn County high school diploma.

"Any time we can get a chance to get someone their diploma and it's funded, it's crazy not to do it," school board member Millard Allen said. "We're here to educate the young people of Glynn County."

Six graduated from night high school this year.

Release Date: 7/1/2013
Source: The Brunswick News