Sun sets for Hepburn, rises for new president

From the The Brunswick News

College of Coastal Georgia ended an era with the departure of college President Valerie Hepburn on Friday and will begin a new one with the official arrival on campus of new college President Gregory Aloia on Monday.

It is a time the community will look upon with some sadness, as it says goodbye to an individual whose can-do spirit has moved mountains. Former President Hepburn leaves to take a new position with the University System of Georgia and, on behalf of the community, we wish her well.

It also is a time Brunswick and the Golden Isles is looking upon with some excitement, as a new president with an impressive background takes the reins of the future of College of Coastal Georgia. On behalf of the community, we say welcome to our home.

President Aloia wll have several mountains of his own to climb, for sure, particularly when it comes to procuring funding for new projects or facilities at the college. Money is something that is becoming harder and harder to come by for the state and even harder and harder to get for those who depend on it.

It's a high and rugged mountain to scale, a feat made all the more difficult with increasing competition from other colleges in the University System for dwindling resources.

Fortunately, President Aloia has three major assets from which to draw upon, including his own experiences. He's no novice to sustaining and building programs. His resume indicates as much.

His second asset is the College of Coastal Georgia Foundation, and what a major asset he has there. It showed all of us what a foundation with strong leadership and clear vision can achieve when it purchased the Hawthorne Suites motel this past week. The motel will be transformed into an off-campus, much-needed dorm complex for students.

His third asset is the community itself. Together with the foundation, it can carry College of Coastal Georgia up and over any mountain in its path, regardless of how rough, winding or steep the terrain.

Release Date: 6/29/2013
Source: The Brunswick News

By Editorial