College acts in best interest of students

From the The Brunswick News

Members of the College of Coastal Georgia Foundation know where their ship is going. They know because they are more than passive passengers. They are part of the crew helping to drive the institution's mission deep into this new century and beyond.

The foundation showed, once again, just how valuable it is to the college and to the community Wednesday. On behalf of College of Coastal Georgia, it acquired the Hawthorn Suites motel off Ga. Spur 25 just west of Interstate 95.

The purpose of the purchase is obvious, especially to anyone keeping up with the college's success and high enrollment. After some adjustments and renovations to the motel, College of Coastal Georgia will use it as an off-campus dorm for juniors and seniors.

This will be in addition to Lakeside Village, the dorm complex on the lake on the college campus. It will remain open to freshmen and sophomores, as well as to students in the upper classes.

The acquisition will add 44 rooms to the college's inventory. Because the rooms are suites, they are large enough to accommodate two students. That gives the college, in reality, space for 88 more out-of-town or in-town enrollees.

Simply stated, the college foundation saw a need and an opportunity to fulfill or to begin fulfilling that need, and it acted on it. The fund-raising organization is a doer, just like the outgoing president of the college, Valerie Hepburn.

Industries, business and individuals searching for a worthy can-do foundation to support need look no further than the College of Coastal Georgia Foundation. Every contribution helps. Every dollar counts toward the advancement of the college, and the advancement of the community right along with it. Rest assured, the leadership and members of the foundation will make sure of it.

Great job, foundation members. Great instincts. Great vision. Great action.

Release Date: 6/28/2013
Source: The Brunswick News

By Editorial