College to Honor State Representative Joe Wilkinson

Brunswick, GA A yardarm flagpole seems uniquely fitting for a college on the Atlantic coast bursting with Mariners’ pride. In sailing, a yardarm is defined as either end of the horizontal spar (yard) on a ship’s mast, used to support a square sail. Coastal Georgia’s flagpole will take on a distinctly nautical look with the dedication of the yardarm flagpole on the Alaimo Plaza at 2 p.m., Friday, May 17.

The occasion will honor State Representative Joe Wilkinson for his dedicated public service as a legislator and Captain, U.S. Naval Reserve (Ret.)

“This college deeply appreciates the support of Representative Wilkinson, who is a part-time resident of Glynn County and also a Mariners fan,” said Dr. Valerie A. Hepburn, President of the College of Coastal Georgia. “He functions almost as a member of our delegation!  For every construction project, Representative Wilkinson has been our staunch supporter.  He helped get the funding for the Nunnally Building, central campus renovations, the Correll Center, and, most recently, worked tirelessly to secure $2 million in fiscal year 2014 that will renovate Academic Commons South completing renovations for all of the oldest buildings on campus.  We are particularly thrilled to have the Yardarm Flagpole, which salutes Representative Wilkinson’s naval service and links to our Mariners’ theme.”

A member of the Georgia House of Representatives since 2001, Representative Wilkinson is a fifth generation Atlantan, a graduate of the University of Georgia and a veteran of Desert Storm. He served U.S. Presidents Ford and Reagan as a member of the White House Press Office, later joining The Coca-Cola Company and working primarily for Coca-Cola International until his retirement.

Representative Wilson chairs the House Ethics Committee and serves on five other committees, including Economic Development and Tourism as well as Natural Resources and Environment. He is an advisory member of the Board of the Jekyll Island Foundation.
Release Date: 5/1/2013
Source: College of Coastal Georgia

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