Young musicians set to perform

From the The Brunswick News

Members of New York City's Ossia Symphony Orchestra will perform in Brunswick in December.

Founded by music student Xheni Rroji and Orlando Alonso, artistic director and conductor of the orchestra, respectively, with the help of the University of New York's Music Department, the group consists of young, classically trained musicians.

Their ages range between 18 and 35, and they are from several different music conservatories and schools in New York City.

Fifteen Ossia Chamber members will perform at the College of Coastal Georgia, 3700 Altama Avenue, Brunswick, in the concert series "From the City to the Golden Isles" Dec. 7.

Maestro Luis Haza, music director and conductor of the Coastal Youth Symphony in Brunswick, will play violin with the ensemble.

Alonso said contributing to the college scene while creating a buzz in Brunswick is what he hopes to do.

"People are hungry for music and want a more active life. The idea of bringing classical music to younger audiences without using the high standards that we work hard for in class (is key)," Alonso said.

"We are hoping this will get people interested in classical music and in these kinds of concerts."

To appeal to younger audiences, the orchestra combines classical music with pop, jazz and rock. What also makes the ensemble special is its flexibility.

"We have had as many as 50 to 60 members play in one performance to quartets and quintets, depending on certain instruments. The orchestra (can range) from two to 200 members," he said.

Created primarily to make classical music more accessible to public schools, Ossia Symphony Orchestra extends the opportunity for those who are still in school to join the ensemble to help them ease the burden of student loans.

High school students in Glynn County - especially the public schools of Brunswick High School and Glynn Academy - are invited to join the action as well.

Haza says the event will expose local youth to music by a high-quality group.

"(Classical music) culturally enhances our community and (this ensemble will) expose our youth to music making of this nature," Haza said. "(Coastal Youth Symphony) will get to observe at close range what we are doing. They will learn so much by watching a professional group of the first order."

Alonso says he is excited about coming back to this area of the coast.

"We are wanting this to be an outreach and we are looking forward to (performing in Brunswick). This place is magical, and I feel people will fall in love with the place," Alonso said.

"(Brunswick will) add a different vibe to the performance because it will be very relaxed and we will have so much fun."

Haza agrees. He says he is excited to be a guest soloist and is happy the city is beginning to incorporate music from different states.

"I certainly hope to see the community support the efforts of the Coastal College of Georgia and the musicians that (are coming) all the way from New York. I also hope that we have a full house to listen to first class music making," Haza said.

If you go

The College of Coastal Georgia, One College Drive, Brunswick, will host the Ossia Chamber Players, members of New York City's Ossia Symphony Orchestra, for the concert series "From the City to the Golden Isles" at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 7 in the Thomas Auditorium of the Southeast Georgia Conference Center. Maestro Luis Haza will make a guest appearance and a cocktail buffet will be catered by Coastal Georgia Culinary Arts students. Tickets are $100 and are tax-deductible contributions to the College Foundation. For ticket availability and advance purchase: 279-4535.

Release Date: 12/4/2012
Source: The Brunswick News