College hosts annual luncheon

From the The Brunswick News

Sherri Silva was excited to put on full display the love for cooking her grandfather instilled in her as young woman by sending her Bon Appetit magazines.

Now a mother with one year left before finishing College of Coastal Georgia's culinary program at the Camden Center, Silva got the chance to show off her improved skills Tuesday at the college's fifth annual Thanksgiving by the Lake luncheon at the Brunswick campus.

"I am a mom, so cooking is not a foreign concept to me," Silva said as she worked the meats table, slicing roast beef and refilling the sausage platter as fast as the hundreds of people attending the lunch could snatch them away.

Silva's work Tuesday would earn her a grade in her advanced cooking class, but it was not the first meal she had prepared for it. The class served several five-course meals at the Camden Center this semester, something Silva said was a different experience from feeding her family.

"That was a bit of a learning curve," she said. "This program has been a great experience."

College library employee Lynda Kennedy's experience eating the smorgasbord was just as great.

"They always cook such good food at this event," Kennedy said.

Those are words Walter Wright, professor of hospitality and culinary arts, liked to hear.

"From what I have seen, everybody's plate looked pretty clean," Wright said after a quick survey of the long tables lined with happy faces and full bellies.

Each diner was asked to fill out a short survey on their experience which will count as part of the grade for the event that Wright said was the equivalent of a final exam.

Release Date: 11/26/2012
Source: The Brunswick News