College to Host Model UN

Brunswick, GA For over 30 years, the College of Coastal Georgia has been hosting the Model United Nations for Glynn County public and private schools. The 2012 Model UN program will be held December 17-18 in the Nunnally Health and Science Auditorium (HS112) and in the Jones Building Science Lecture Hall (Jones 102) on campus.

The program is a two-day diplomatic simulation. Students from area middle and high schools play the role of delegates from United Nations’ member states. The student participants develop skills in parliamentary procedure as well as gain knowledge about international affairs and organizations. The student delegates research the country they represent in the mock proceedings to be proficient in understanding the issues from that country’s perspective.

The simulation includes mock sessions of the General Assembly and the Security Council. The Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Human Rights Council will also caucus and debate policy. This year’s resolution subject areas will be civil wars and regional conflict; promoting democracy and human rights; and globalization, development and environment.

Community leaders and College faculty are recruited to evaluate student performances and recognize outstanding delegates. More than 250 students, teachers, and parents participated and observed the 2011 Model UN.

Tony Wege, Professor of Political Science in the School of Arts and Sciences, serves as the program facilitator and coordinator.

Release Date: 10/10/2012
Source: College of Coastal Georgia

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