College hosts family, alumni weekend

From the The Brunswick News

College of Coastal Georgia's second annual family and alumni weekend will be about more than just letting students' families get an inside look at the school.

This year's event will also seek to expand the college's family by bringing some longtime alumni back to the campus.

"Weekends like this are good for our alumni to come back and see how we have grown," said Jessica Dickson, coordinator for alumni services and events.

The college, which opened 50 years ago as Brunswick Junior College, became a four-year baccalaureate institution in 2008.

Since then it has added several new buildings, renovated others and built the first on-campus housing in the school's history.

Although the freshly updated campus will be an attraction for many alumni, Dickson hopes those who have not been back in a while will get a good feel for the reenergized life at the school.

"It is nice to know where you studied, people are still there studying like you did," she said.

The college's alumni association, in its second year, is also hoping graduates will come to opening events Friday to meet the school's new leadership and become part of the College of Coastal Georgia family, Dickson added.

As the school's family gets reacquainted with old members, families of current students will get a chance to see where their sons and daughters are learning.

"It is a chance for them to meet some of the folks their kids may be talking about," said Heidi Leming, vice president for student affairs.

"We also want to them to see what the Golden Isles has to offer."

Leming said showing them what the area has to offer is important since the school's service learning initiative will be placing students in the community through volunteer opportunities, class projects and internships.

There's another benefit for new dorm students, now six weeks into the semester. The weekend will give them a chance to cure some homesickness before buckling down and hitting the books, she added.

For many non-traditional students, family weekend is a chance to show their children where mom or dad spend a lot of their time, Leming said.

Release Date: 10/3/2012
Source: The Brunswick News